In 2007 James moved to London, continued taking photos and mixing music, and started studying at the BFI. At the time James had an idea about making a short, simple, film about London and it's street art. Sadly that film never was completed, as James moved to New Zealand in 2008 for three years. All that was done in 2007 were some mixes / imaginary soundtracks - Soundscapes Of A City, Mirror Mirror On The Wall & The Sound Of Songs Song Under The Sun (For Sardinia). In 2011 after returning from New Zealand James did another (8 hour) mix - Restructured Soundspaces. A rearranged and restructured and remixed version of previous ambient mixes from 1998-2011. You can listen to these mixes here (Mixcloud).

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(2004-2010) A History Of Creativity & Ob

Flow:;tation. An Exhibition of Illustrations and Paintings executed in 1997 and held in Bergen, Holland that was described as 'unique abstract surealism'. The works were based on backdrop designs James created for his club nights ('Signs Of Life', 'Altered' & 'Brassik Park') from Carmarthen, Wales and Tunbridge Wells, England. The exhibition was mentioned on the front page of The Duinstreek.

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A note on this website - This website (and blog) is not a complete portfolio but instead contains just a number of examples of the various things James had done over the years and sadly, due to a computer failure in December of 2017 (and having also lived in 13 different towns in 6 different countries (as well as visiting over 30 other countries since 1990)), about 1/3 of James' portfolio has been either lost or ruined.

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James is currently based in ...


Cranbrook, England.

And working on ...

A History Of Figurative Sculpture In Europe, The Mediterranean & The Levant.

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A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19
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A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19
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A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19

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Above - Zeropilot (Imperfectly Human) is a 24 hour long (plus 2 bonus hours) mix collection. Mixes 001 - 012 represent a club night out (as experienced up to 2003) and mixes 013 - 026 represent the following chill out day (as experience up to 2018), all 26 hours work as a single 'weekend' musical experience.

Below - Zeropilot (Live Amateur DJ) is a different, randomly mixed, collection of James' other mixes James mixed between 1995 & 2003. Listen to ... Imperfectly Human (Mixcloud) & Live Amateur DJ (Mixcloud).

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Zeropilot : Imperfectly Human Zeropilot : Imperfectly Human (Mixcloud) Zeropilot : Live Amateur DJ  Zeropilot : Live Amateur DJ (Mixcloud)  Qube : Soundship (Soundcloud) Audiotecture : IV   Audiotecture : III   Audiotecture : II   Audiotecture : I   Qubic Design (etc) Qubicspace (etc) Conceptual Art  In Search Of Silence Club Nights (Inc. 'Flow:;tation Exhibition)  Fine Art Sculpture (Designs) : II   Fine Art Sculpture (Designs) : I

All of James' mixes, art, and design works, were created whilst James lived in Cranbrook and Hastings (England), Carmarthen (Wales), Tunbridge Wells (England), Alkmaar (Holland) and Battle and Brighton (England) between 1993 and 2003. Some work for 'In Search Of Silence' was taken in 2004 and 2005 and again in 2008 whilst James was living in New Zealand (where an exhibition for the work was also held in that same year). Like everything here on this website (and blog) it was all recovered, repaired, recreated, expanded upon and re-presented in 2018 and 2019.

A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19

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