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A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19
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Flow:;tation. An Exhibition of Illustrations and Paintings executed in 1997 and held in Holland that was described as 'unique abstract surealism'. No real record was kept of the works, and as all the illustrations and paintings were stylistically very similar, this one example is pretty much enough to see, to get an idea of the exhibition.

A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19
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James is currently based in ...


Cranbrook, England.

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Inspirations ...

A History Of Creativity & Obsevation (19

Music Mixes


Below is James' 24 hour long 'Zeropilot (Imperfectly Human)' mix collection. Mixes 001 - 012 represent a club night out (as experienced up to 2003) and mixes 013 - 024 represent the following chill out day (as experience up to 2018). There are 3 bonus mixes included, and all 27 hours work as a single musical experience. Also included here is 'A Brief History Of Sound', a 2 hour 'teaser' mix of the the first 12 hours of 'Zeropilot (Imperfectly Human)'.

A note on this website - Due to a computer failure in 2017 (and having also lived in 12 different towns in 6 different countries as well as visiting over 30 other countries since 1993) about 25% of James' portfolio (essenitally everything done between 2004 and 2010) has sadly been lost or ruined.

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